Our two most basic callings in life as Christians are to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. At Verity, we see education as an avenue for developing specific skills to aid us in fulfilling those two greatest commands of Christ. We believe that the vision for gaining a college degree does not end with the attainment of a physical diploma. Instead, we strive to ignite a passion for learning, a determination to pursue excellence, and a life-long wonder of the Creator of the universe. This is the foundation for our approach to academics.

Strategic Learning

Verity’s unique style of learning can be called the modular approach. Instead of taking 4-6 general education courses simultaneously over several months, Verity students are guided through just one class every 2-3 weeks. This novel approach allows students to fully immerse themselves in a single subject, explore it from all different aspects, and gain a well-rounded understanding of the topic. This intensive style of learning also leaves more time for students to concentrate on the specific areas of study for their chosen degree. Learn more on our How It Works page.

Skills Building

Each of us has a unique purpose that God has placed in us. As we come alongside our students to help them build their knowledge and skills in the specific areas they are called to, our academic team is dedicated to the success of each student. Our goals for each class go beyond the basic college degree formula — we train our students to be articulate in their fields, key players in their spheres of influence, and relentless in their pursuit for continual growth in their professions.

Worldview and Leadership Training

Education complements spiritual discipleship. Verity students are challenged daily to actively explore, experience, and engage their studies from a Biblical perspective. With each new element of learning, our students are faced with the task of balancing knowledge with wisdom and truth. This training cultivates individuals that are credible thinkers, capable communicators, and servant leaders well-equipped to fulfill their life calling.

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Quality Instructors

We highly value in-depth learning over simply earning credits as fast as possible. Our instructors are vital in meeting that goal and are trained in teaching according to the 2-3 week modular approach.


Public speaking is a highly valued skill—and for good reason. The Verity Symposium is a weekly event providing a venue for students to practice the public proclamation of truth. This is done in the spirit of I Peter 3:15.

Academic Advisement

Verity’s academic advisement team works with each student to help him or her capitalize on time, learning resources, and a well-structured degree template.

Biblically Based Curricula

At Verity, we believe that the Bible is the final authority on all topics. The scriptures speak on everything from personal finance to interpersonal communication, and from education to engineering. For this reason, Verity places the Bible at the center of all our curricula. Verity students learn how to analyze ideas in the light of a biblical worldview, and how to hold forth God’s truth in the subjects they study. How do we merge this core value with the fast pace that allows students to earn a large amount of credits in such a short amount of time? To give you an idea of what Verity students study, here are some sample course materials:

Biblical Worldview Application Portfolio (BWAP)

One of the ways we seek to train our students to think Biblically is with our Biblical Worldview Application Portfolio (BWAP) course. With monthly assignments, students write research essays on various current issues from a Biblical perspective. By the time they graduate, Verity students will have accumulated a portfolio of essays on topics that are relevant to today’s world. Communicating truth in a secular world is one of the most important skills believers can possess and one of the most important skills Verity can teach. The two key words are “truth” and “communication.” Truth is grounded in the principles of God’s Word, and the ability to communicate God’s truth is learned from much practice as well as extensive study. The Biblical Worldview Application Portfolio is a formal opportunity for students to demonstrate their mastery of both.


We carefully curate our library materials for all our regularly offered classes. Both campus and distance students have access to all the books required for their recommended classes and courses, and can enjoy the security of knowing that they are saving thousands of dollars by using Verity’s library materials.

On-Site Testing Center

The average national passing rate for both CLEP and DSST exams hovers around 61%. At Verity, our on-site testing center has maintained an average passing rate of around 90%. As an added bonus, Verity’s testing center does not charge proctor fees for enrolled Verity students.

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“Verity provides a great place to develop a biblical worldview that informs your entire life and an opportunity to build an intimate relationship with God while pursuing academic excellence.”


—Joshua Ingersoll,
Assistant Director of Academics

“The team at Verity not only helped me achieve my academic goals, but also challenged me to surpass my expectations for myself in all aspects of my life. My time at Verity was both fruitful academically – I completed two degrees within two years – and spiritually rewarding, as the discipleship emphasis as well as the rigorous schedule both served to propel me ever nearer to the heart of my Savior.”


’13 Class, Communications and Business Marketing

Verity takes such personal interest in their students. Whether it was teaching or tutoring, moral support or scholastic guidance, the academic staff lived their dedication to my success. All their hard work and passion ignited in me a similar drive for excellence; it is because of them and their example that I was able to graduate cum laude.”


’15 Class, Music

“Attending Verity was a wonderful opportunity for me. The curriculum gave me all the information I needed to prepare for testing, the environment is fun and encouraging, and I learned life lessons that went far deeper than textbooks and essays. I came away with a much stronger relationship with Him and, as a bonus, a degree in English in just two years. I recommend Verity to anyone seeking to further their education, strengthen their faith, and become a member of a team that will support and challenge you personally, academically, and spiritually.


’14 Class, English