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Verity College Education
601 N Shortridge Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46219

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Administrative Services

Administrative Services
844-383-7489 Ext. 102

General Information & Admissions Office
844-383-7489 Ext. 101


Academic Advising

Library Services

844-383-7489 Ext. 103




Finance Office
844-383-7489 Ext. 111


Marketing, Publications, Blog, & Webmaster
844-383-7489 Ext. 104

Student Development

Student Development
844-383-7489 Ext. 105

Verity College Education

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Verity College Education

Created to provide a way for Christians to obtain a fully accredited degree while also strengthening their faith, Verity College Education has developed an innovative approach to higher education. With over 600 graduates since its creation in 2001, Verity is more than just a college program – it’s a place to learn, connect, and excel with fellow followers of Jesus Christ. Find directions on Google Maps.

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