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A degree program tailored to your needs.


Take Full Control of Your Degree

Interested in changing job directions or looking to get a promotion? Want to further your education and unlock more opportunities for yourself? Verity’s Adult Learning Program (ALP) helps you pursue the degree you need in a way that fits in with your current schedule and financial obligations.

Designed especially for adults ages 18 and older who already have existing careers, family responsibilities, or involvement in other areas, ALP maximizes flexibility for the learner, allowing you to balance your academic goals with your current commitments.

Enroll at Any Time

ALP students can sign up ten months out of the year (excluding May and November) and begin classes as early as the beginning of the next month. Once enrolled, students work with a Verity academic advisor to map out their class schedule and navigate the courses they will face while pursuing their desired degree. Students also set their own pace—speed up or slow down your course load to fit your schedule!

Already Have Credits?

If you already have credits from previously completed courses, Verity can help you complete your degree in an even shorter time frame. Submit your application on our website online for a degree audit by our advisors and find out how to jump-start finishing your associate’s or bachelor’s degree!

No fee or obligation required.


Verity’s Adult Learning program is for adults age 18 and over who need a highly flexible associate’s or bachelor’s program that allows them to earn a fully accredited degree while still balancing existing career, family, and community responsibilities.


Our advisers help you organize your own academic schedule and navigate the courses you will face as you pursue your degree. With class videos and materials available online 24/7, set your own pace for learning and earn college credits through credit-by-examination programs and online courses.


Enrollment is open for ALP students 10 months out of the year (excluding May and November). Begin classes as early as the beginning of the next month when you sign up before the 10th of this month!


We’ve chosen a select number of programs from our degree portfolio for our adult learners to choose from. Each degree has been structured in such a way as to allow the learner to study independently and to progress at their own speed. That’s what makes the ALP program so beautiful: access to all of our great curriculum, but the flexibility to set your own pace.

  • Business Administration
    • General Management*
  • Commmunications
  • English
  • History
  • Liberal Studies*

*Associates degree also available

Visit the Degree Programs page for a comprehensive breakdown of each degree.

Degree Programs


With all the extracurricular commitments that our adult learners have, we understand how important it is for our students to have financial flexibility as they pursue their degree. That’s why we’ve developed a variety of payment options for you to choose from. For more details about our pricing structure, check out our What Does It Cost? page.

What Does it Cost?

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