Dual Enrollment

Earn college credits in high school!


Maximize on Time, Save on Costs

Verity’s Dual Enrollment program is a home-based program that helps high school students earn college credits. With Dual Enrollment, earn up to 30 credits that are transferable to thousands of colleges at a fraction of the cost of an average community college.

Get a Head Start with College

Dual Enrollment helps you take the information you’re already learning in high school and apply that knowledge towards CLEP® tests that, when passed, grant you college credits. With that in mind, structure your Dual Enrollment term around your high school curriculum and get the maximum impact for your time spent learning!

Strategize Your Approach to Education

Dual Enrollment terms are broken down into two 7-week modules that explore two individual subjects. By working through all six modules, students can earn 6-12 credits each term and up to 30 credits by the time they graduate. Take advantage of Verity’s highly trained team that is focused on helping your student succeed! Here are some of the features you can look forward to with the Dual Enrollment program:

  • Personal advising
  • Online classroom
  • Class videos
  • Textbooks & study guides
  • Graded assignments

Reinforce Christian Foundations

Our academic modules are designed to approach each subject from a Biblical perspective. Fortify—don’t compromise—your student’s faith!

No fee or obligation required.

How It Works

Enroll and Save!

Maximize your time and earn college credits for as little as $60 per credit hour!

Select Course Unit

Organize your own schedule by choosing which course to focus on every 7 weeks.

Study Strategically

Learn methodically with our guided study materials, personal advisement, and library resources.

Test for College Credits

Receive credits by passing the CLEP test for your concentrated study at the end of each module!

Dual Enrollment Courses

Six courses are offered by Verity Dual Enrollment, each taught from a distinctly Christian worldview. Build your own schedule by choosing which two courses to take per term, then test on to earn credits that can be applied to thousands of colleges around the nation. Completing all 3 terms of the Dual Enrollment program yields up to 30 credits and can help students skip up to a year of college coursework.

BiologyBiology (6 credits)

Students who have completed 1-2 semesters of high school biology will be well prepared to take the Biology module. The course covers topics such as molecular and cellular biology, living organisms, ecology, and genetics.

College-Composition-with-Essays College Composition with Essays (6 credits)

Students who are familiar with grammar basics and writing are ready to take this course. Throughout the course, students will become familiar with citations and learn to write college-level papers.

College-Math College Mathematics (6 credits)

College Mathematics covers concepts such as algebra, functions, probability, basic statistics and financial mathematics, geometry, and logic. Gaining proficiency in this subject matter also aids students who intend to take the SAT or ACT.

English-Literature English Literature (3 credits)

This subject requires gaining knowledge of well-known authors and works, as well as critical thinking, applying literary terms to literary passages, and identifying poetical devices.

Humanities Humanities (3 credits)

The Humanities course covers subjects including literature, art, music, and other performing arts. Students should be prepared to explore and analyze poetry, different periods of art and music history, architecture, and theater.

Social-Sciences-&-History Social Sciences & History (6 credits)

High school students can begin this course after they have studied American History. An emphasis is also placed on the study of Western Civilization and World History.

Verity’s Dual Enrollment program equipped me with crucial skills for college. I learned to write with excellence, study with discernment, and seek God first.”



Dual Enrollment Alumnus, Verity ’11 Class Graduate

“It has been such a wonderful blessing to me to be able to learn through reading and writing essays while earning credits – all from a biblical perspective. It has also been wonderful to read the insightful comments of other critically-thinking young adults. I could not have gotten this anywhere else except at Verity and am so thankful for discovering this community and am eager to learn more with them.”



Dual Enrollment Alumnus, Verity ’17 Class Student

What Does It Cost?

Students can take up to 6-12 credit hours each term for only $695—that’s as little as $60 per credit hour! This price is all-inclusive and covers online orientation, Verity study materials (class videos & course study guides), personal advisement, textbooks, and CLEP testing fees.

Verity Dual Enrollment Term
Orientation* & Biblical Worldview Module
*For first-time students only
Study Materials
(Class videos, study guides, textbooks)
Online classroom and graded assignments
Personal advisement for 16 weeks
CLEP  Test Fees
First Exam: $80
Second Exam:
Proctor Fees: $40
TOTAL: 6-12 college credits for $695



More and more colleges are beginning to offer dual enrollment programs because they see its benefits for high school students. Community colleges are often another way to earn credits.

For as little as $60 per credit hour, Verity Dual Enrollment students receive top quality instruction, personal advisement, a customized schedule, study materials, and textbooks. Testing fees are also included in the total cost of enrollment. We believe our services speak for themselves in setting us apart from all the other college credit programs.

*Dual Enrollment’s cost-per-credit estimation includes class videos, study materials, textbooks, and testing fees.

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