Student Development

Student Development

Relationships matter. Here at Verity, student development hinges on relationships—our relationship with God and our relationships with others. Our vision is to raise up a student body that lives in communion with each other and in constant pursuit of a right relationship with Jesus Christ.

Just as one person is shaped by the other in a relationship between two friends, our actions, habits, and attitudes should be molded by our love for Jesus Christ and our relationship with Him. This relational focus is intentionally taught at Verity in an environment that encourages staff and students alike to proactively live out of love for God and each other.

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Focused Discipleship

“We don’t come to chapel, we come to the Lord.” –Dr. Kevin McCray

Morning chapels occur twice each week at Verity and help set the tone for the rest of the day. Topics range from “The Essentials of Christianity” presented by senior staff members, to worldview modules from video series such as The Truth Project by Focus on the Family. Small groups and student-led times of Prayer & Praise are all a part of the student’s experience on campus and are meant to plug into a personal lifestyle and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Servant Leadership

This aspect of student development encourages students to develop a lifestyle of ministry and service towards others. Whether a student intends to become a businessman, a homeschool mother, a chef, or a pastor, each person will have a different forum for his or her “vocational ministry.” Verity students hone this mindset by participating on dish-pit teams, service hours around campus, and various ministry projects off campus.

Communication Development

A significant focus of our mission is to equip individuals with communication skills to proclaim Christ with excellence in their fields through both actions and words. Academic programs such as Symposium and the Biblical Worldview Application Portfolio (BWAP) help refine our students in verbal and written skills. Meditation Commentary assignments also allow our students to reflect on life lessons they are learning daily and direct their focuses towards the development of positive character qualities.

Global Perspective

The Great Commission of making disciples of all nations forms the underlying purpose of everything that we do at Verity. We constantly seek to expand our horizons and align ourselves to God’s desire to share His love through us. Senior mission trips are excellent opportunities for our students to look beyond the borders of what they’re familiar with and discover a passion for reaching out to all those that the Lord brings across our paths. Other organized opportunities are also available throughout the Verity Experience for our students to invest in and engage with those in our community.

Student Handbook

At Verity, our close-knit community is built on the foundational Scriptural values of loving God and loving each other. Our student handbook was written with these ideals in mind and seeks to promote unity, clarity, and deference amongst all those who come to Verity with varying backgrounds.

The handbook is a tool for our students. As they learn to navigate their college journey with these guidelines in mind, we hope to cultivate discussions between the staff and students that will help them continually refine their abilities to articulate what they believe and why.

“Tami and I are so grateful for the leadership team at Verity that worked alongside us to ensure that our son Rhett could be successful. Verity’s condensed schedule can be a bit daunting to a new student. But that’s what sets Verity apart. It felt like extended family as we sought to maximize Rhett’s experience as a student in the 2009 class. This is the way any college education should be, in half the time for a fraction of the cost. We’d wholeheartedly recommend this to any family!”  


—Greg & Tami Fast
Parents of a Verity alumnus
Since first coming here in the fall of 2012, God has brought so much change into my life. In the first semester, I learned the importance of living in complete victory, and how accountability, openness, and brokenness are essential to living free from sin. God has also been showing me the benefits of waking up early to seek Him. Sacrificing my own selfish desires to sleep longer and instead waking up hours earlier than usual had an immediate effect on my relationship with God, which in turn has altered my day-to-day lifestyle in several different ways.”  


’14 Class, Business Administration – General Management

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